Taxco, Puebla & Copper Canyon

Dear Werner

I trust that you are well and that you got some Easter holiday.

Our group was very pleased with their trip to Mexico.

Most of all they were satisfied with the guides as their knowledge was very impressive. They would like to point out that the guide in the Copper Canyon was really some thing extra, even if all guides were very good.

The tour leader was very impressed by the fact that you called her three times to check that everything was ok. She did not expect that and this shows that you really care.

The accommodation was good and if they had any problem with any room it was very easy to change.

When the bus broke down they only found this a little bit exiting that the driver stopped a local bus etc.

She recommends us to suggest one extra day on trips to Copper Canyon for clients to get the chance to go down into the canyon for overnight.

They also met other tourists/groups in Mexico City and Copper canyon and these persons were very impressed by their itinerary and commented they did not at all get the chance to experience all of that on their trips.

So finally many thanks from the group and us! I really hope that we find some future groups for you.



Peter Jönsson

Los Cabos

Hi Marcela,

Thank you so much for providing all of this helpful information, but you wouldn't believe it! The boxes arrived on Friday! I have never seen more pitiful looking boxes. One even had a large chunk of the box removed however all of the contents were still intact....amazingly!

These boxes are so beyond tattered that I took pictures and I will send them to you shortly.

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your wonderful service and assistance in this!

As far as your program with Cindy, we have only said wonderful things about Destination Mexico and we'd LOVE to work with you again!

All the best,


Amber Jerman  Concepts Worldwide INC

Punta Mita

"The group loved the trip...and our staff loved working with your staff. Thanks for making us look good. Hope our paths cross again soon."

Rebecca Brubaker

Los Cabos, Acapulco

Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and patience in making The Bank of America Spirit Award of Excellence celebrations in Mexico a wonderful success! Your team did an outstanding job in pulling all of the details together for three groups in two locations. The Los Cabos program was absolutely flawless. My 300 attendees had an amazing time and the feedback we received included the following comments:

Thanks for an extraordinary time of celebration. We truly appreciate the "royal" treatment.

The schedule and structure of this trip was the best of the 4 I have attended.

Both of the Acapulco programs had their own challenges. Between the size and the itineraries there was a lot to manage. The sandcastle event was one of the best teambuilding activities we have hosted during an Award of Excellence celebration. Your partnership with Bank of America and The Fairmont ensured that this event was exactly what we had envisioned. Our associate comments included these:

It was so wonderful I can't even put into words how blessed we are.

Greatly impressed by the coordinators attention to detail. This was an amazing experience.

This was the most stress free vacation of my life. Thank you.

Loved the team-building event!

Bravo - talk about flawless – wonderful!

I am still overwhelmed by this experience. It was outstanding from start to finish.

Very thoughtful and detailed to meet all our needs. You did an awesome job in planning and taking all the details to heart taking into consideration the amount of people present.

The event was awesome!! I would never have expected all of the excellent service & gift.

I appreciate all that you and your wonderful team did to help make each of these unique events so successful. And more importantly, it was a true pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything!"

Karen Terrell  Vice President, Bank of America