Puerto Vallarta

The team in Puerto Vallarta/Destination Mexico is amazing. I cannot say enough great things about Arlet and her team and how much they helped me and all the guests this past week. Arlet became one of “us” and all the attendees loved her and I had numerous comments about how great she was, and I never get comments about DMCs so that is a big compliment. Arlet went above and beyond on so many items for me, from going to the plate store back in October from the first program I had down there, to light a fire under their butt. To assisting me in my site visit, and being my translator throughout the whole time.

I really hope that you can give her the recognition that she deserves for a great job and the great person that she is.

Candi Pinocci - Meeting Planner

Nuevo Vallarta

Rocio, it was a pleasure working with you. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your team and especially how easy they made it for me. My group had an amazing experience in Nuevo Vallarta. Every detail of the event from transfers to the group activities were managed with excellence. My company highly emphasises customer service and we look for it in everyone we do business with. Your team exceeded our expectations and my customers could not talk enough about their experience. Know that it will be hard to top this year’s event.

Thank you again Rocio and your team for making me look good with my customers. I look forward to working with Destinations Mexico in the near future!

Thank you,

Martie - Hunter Preferred Program Manager


Hi, Thanks so much for your email. The staff on site was delightful and of course Tanya is fantastic. She was very helpful in many situations which I am sure she shared with you our challenges at the hotel prior to our arrival. All went well in the end and that is all we can hope for. Until the next time ~

All the best,

Karen Peterson - CMP Sr. Manager, Events

Los Cabos

'Thank you for the excellent level of service and professionalism that your company has provided throughout the entirety of the Panasonic programme. We have asked a lot of Nayeli and her team and we have been incredibly impressed at the quality and speed responses in the planning phase for the group and Nayeli's ability to lead Chamely and the team on the ground to deliver a faultless experience for Panasonic and their guests in Cabo. Thank you again for your support and were look forward to working together again soon.’

Alan Riva - Founding Partner The Round Table

Mexico City

Hi, Thank you very much! Yes, I’m “tying the knot” Saturday! Very exciting time!!

Our program in Mexico was great and the team really did a good job! Daniela was such a pleasure to work with! She was professional, detailed, responsive, and accommodating to my needs and as well as our guests! She truly went above and beyond and made my job look easy!! I would choose to work with her on every event if I could!!

Keep up the good work!!

Kind regards.


Los Cabos

Now that our incentive group (Jordan Lawrence - 36 pax; Jan 6-12) has returned from Cabo and we have had a chance to settle back in, I just wanted to write a short note regarding the services of Destination Mexico.

What can I say? Marcela is a dream. She was always there, always on time and alway had her information - correct and prepared. Adding to that, she is a pleasure to work with, delightful no matter how much we threw at her. You are lucky to have her and we were smart to have chosen Destination Mexico to operate the trip. Adding Samanta and Giliermo to the mix - well all I can say is, these are the hardest working DMCs I have ever met. I have no idea how the 3 of them get it all done.

Our group had a wonderful time. They loved each and every service provided and appreciated Marcela's kindness and professionalism. At one point, I did think Ms. Lawrence was going to steal Guiliermo away and take him back to St. Louis!

There were one or two last minute issues with the hotel, and I am happy to report that Marcela immediately, and without prompting from us, took up our cause.

We are thrilled to say that Jordan Lawrence has hired us to arrange next year's trip! While we think Mexico is the perfect destination for them, we are considering going to an entirely different destination next year, just to "mix things up" and then (hoping that it goes nearly as well) we would probably plan to return to Mexico (likely Riviera Maya) the following year. We will not be needing to search for a DMC at that time. This is not definite, however, so there is always the possibility we will return sooner than expected.

Thank you so much for running a professional and superior operation.

Our best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful year.

Kind regards,

Audrey Kennedy & Anne MacIntyre On The Map Travel, LLC

Puerto Vallarta

Now that 1 am home and settled back in to the ofíice, 1 am missing my friends in Puerto Vallarta and the beauty of this city on the Pacific coast. Thank you so much for al1 thehard work you put into the Milgard Windows & Doors group. You really had to pick up the pieces and finalize the program, and you did a tremendous job staying on top of the program, and then leading it through to success. We could not have done it without you.

Virna Vesnaver was great, 1 know that she will make a great addition to the Puerto Vallarta office for Destination Mexico. She's friendly, knowledgeable, but yet humble and will ask her colleagues if she is not sure of the answer for this new destination for her. 1 really respect her work and she will be great. She was fabulous with the participants, which is the key part.

Cecila Rupprechter, there are not words to describe how wonderful she is. She always has a smile on her face, and is full of priceless information. The word 'no" is not in her vocabulary. The participants loved her, and 1 must say, 1 loved working with her too. She was invaluable and was the key to the program's success. She is such a big asset for Destination Mexico.

I cannot go without thanking Cipriano, he was there on the tourfgolf days, as well as arrivals and departures. He too made this program a success, and 1 hope that you extend my thanks to him.

I know that there are many people behind the scenes that made this program a success and 1 ask that you extend my appreciation to them. Thank you again, and 1 look forward to working with you and Destination Mexico again in the future.

Very Best Regards,

Diane B. Sanchez  SEI Meetings & Incentives

Riviera Maya


My name is Greg Sekela. I am the Senior Project Manager at Gray Consulting, who worked with Leonie and your staff on the recently completed Incentive which was held at the Fairmont Mayakoba on May 12-16, 2008.

I first wanted to thank you for the nice Mexican amenity (i.e. tray) that you sent to my room during my stay at the Fairmont. It was much appreciated; and it will always bring back memoires of a very successful program.

It was a pleasure working with Leonie on the planning and execution of the program. Both her and Richard took great care of all of our attendees from their arrival to their departure. In addition, Richard & Leonie's colleagues on site were all very warm and engaging. I got to speak with many of them, especially Rocio Triana and Jeniffer Kasten - what wonderful people. Please send everyone my regards.

I also wanted to let you know that both out client and Gray Consulting, has received such wonderful feedback regarding the team building activity that was conducted onsite at the Fairmont. The activity was so well received. We just received an additional comment this morning that I will include at the end of this email. Leonie, Richard, and Rosio need to be complimented on putting this activity together. Due to the limited time frame that we had to work with and the internal rules and regulations at the Fairmont, many challenges were encountered in putting together the event; but Leonie, Richard, Rosio and their staff did a wonderful job. The team building event was very memorable, moving and touching. It is something that the attendees will remember for many years to come.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your staff on future programs that we conduct in Mexico.

Greg Sekela - Senior Project Manager Gray Consulting International Meetings & Incentives

Mexico City

Dear Werner,

Have a nice week !!! Today , our tour leader has given us his report regarding the tour. For Mexico ; he has told me that everthing was perfect !!! I would like to thank you and all of the Destination Mexico staff for the great services you have supplied my clients. It has been my pleasure and honour to have cooperated with you :)))) Our next group will be in December, I will send you the dates next week , so that we can start our next operation.

My best regards,

Again , thank you very much for everthing !!!

Ekin Kocabasoglu  Pastoral Tour

Mexico City

I just thought that I would pass the below message onto you regarding the service we received recently for the A1 Grand Prix group. It is always a pleasure using a DMC for the first time and experiencing professional service like this. On behalf of us all here, please pass on our thanks to Mariana for a job well done!

We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Gill Dewar - Seekers Travel & American Express Travel Services