Mexico City

Hi Nayeli,

Thanks for confirming payment. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Certainly, you will be our top choice if we decide to go back to Mexico. Thank you for all you did for us.

All the best,

Ivett Terry Office Administrator & Executive Assistant



I wanted to send a note to say what an amazing experience I had with your team! Tanya is amazing. Every detail was done with excellence and a beautiful smile. She was terrific! And I wanted to say Steven (your son), Manuel, Dulce and the rest of the team was just amazing. You have great talent and very capable people who represent your company very well. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was and how easy they made it for me. My group had a wonderful time and it was because of Tanya and the team’s passion and support!


Andrea Melaleuca Domestic,

Los Cabos

Hola Cabo Team!

I trust this message will find you well and with smiles! I have your final billing and will be reviewing it this week. Please know Mr. (Ray) Fujikawa is out of the office this week and his signature is required on the final bill before Accounting can process it for payment. I expect him to return on Monday. In the meantime, I will let you know if I have any questions or concerns. (I don’t expect to have any issues!) EVERYONE is still talking about what a wonderful experience they had in Cabo this year. You are a fantastic team and awesome to work with. If I have find myself in Cabo I will definitely let you know so we can work together again in the future.

Adios! Kimberly

Kimberly Smith Senior Manager, Corporate Events Orthofix Sales Incentive


Los Cabos

Thank you for the note! Everything went so well last month! You know how much Rocio means to me both in business and in friendship. She always gives 100% and I agree, it must have been exhausting for her! Also, please know that everyone on staff at DM is a star. It starts with the great leadership of you and trickles down to everyone we meet. So thank you for having only the best on staff and giving us the superior support for our programs. I’ll miss you guys in Cancun but wish you a fulfilling event. Hope to see you again soon! Take care, bk


Beth Kozlowski  Meetings & Events Specialist


Punta Mita


Thank you for ALL of your efforts again this year - you really outdid yourself for sure. From the new activities, new floral and décor, "white show" at the Gala and most of all the off-site location and dinner with Chef Bernard, I don't know how you did everything with such style and professionalism. You continue to inspire and amaze me… Once again, your staff worked tirelessly, with lots of warm smiles, ready to jump in an help everyone. They each did a wonderful, wonderful job! Our Audi clients and their guests were truly impressed and appreciative of everything as it was definitely noted. Thank you. p.s. thank you for the beautiful shawl - I had totally forgotten about it. But like every other detail, you remembered that.


Michelle M. Stys Audi Spring Dealer Incentive Trip