FEBRUARY 1, 2020

In our series on the city of Oaxaca, we have touched on many of the wonderful sights and things to do in this incredible destination. Our final article highlights the fabulous and colourful handcrafts which are to be found in this city and the surrounding area and which can be used as wonderful gifts and giveaways for any kind of group.
Oaxaca is an artesanal gift lover’s paradise, given that many of the products most heavily associated with Mexico are produced here. Here are the top five unique souvenirs which people visiting the city immediately look for:

Traditional Tapetes
Local people spend hours weaving vibrantly-coloured rugs; while the prices are high, once you’ve see why!

Pottery – Either Black, Green or Red
These highly-polished clay pots make for the perfect souvenir. The black pottery, which is the most famous is traditionally made in San Bartolo Coyotepec, but if you prefer something a bit more colourful, then you can also find traditional barro verde (green pottery) in Santa María Atzompa and even barro rojo (red pottery) in San Marcos Tlapazola at the Tlacolula market.

The traditional huipil blouses are often elaborately embroidered and made from lightweight fabric, as are other styles of blouses and the famed rebozo shawls. You can also find skirts, shirts and silk embroidered handkerchiefs if you really want and each region has its own distinct style.

Mole Powder
Mole is a distinctive sauce which is usually added to chicken dishes. The true mole is made from around twenty different ingredients including several kinds of chile and the most famous black mole has cooking chocolate also. The range of moles you can buy in Oaxaca (there are supposedly seven principal varieties) is overwhelming and once you’ve fallen in love with this dish you’ll want to take it back and share with family and friends.

Perhaps the most iconic artesanía to be found in the state of Oaxaca, these charming hand carved wooden figures are found all across Mexico but should really be bought in Oaxaca if possible.