This Popular Los Cabos Hotspot Will Become Baja California Sur’s First Magical Neighborhood

February, 2024

The Mexican state of Baja California Sur is renowned for its lovely neighborhoods and little towns.

Some of these, such as Todos Santos, are so charming that the local government has decided to designate them as ‘Magical Towns.’ Now, there’s another town that will soon receive the same honor: San José Del Cabo! In a recent interview, the Minister of Tourism and Economy (SETUE) in Baja California Sur announced that the city’s historical center is in the process of becoming a ‘Magical Neighborhood,’ the first time that an area in Baja California Sur is going to be given this designation.

When this happens, the local government implements a number of initiatives to preserve and protect the area’s cultural wealth. In other words, the local authorities are now starting to work on projects whose aim is to generate and promote festivities as well as traditions typical of this place. On top of this, a number of initiatives to increase tourism in the area will be carried out, such as restoring local buildings and streets.

Talking about San José del Cabo and the new ‘Magical Neighborhood’ designation, Rosa Maribel Collins Sánchez, the head of the Ministry of Tourism and Economy, explained the difference between this certification and the ‘Magic Towns’ one: “It is a program that the Ministry of Tourism has, it is different from Pueblos Mágicos, as the resources are coming from the tax on lodgings from the Airbnb platform.” She added that everything collected will be directed to tourism infrastructure works.

San José del Cabo will be the very first area in Baja California Sur to get this designation. However, it is expected that more municipalities may soon benefit from this initiative.