APRIL 01, 2021

In our March Newsletter we introduced you all to our virtual event of ‘Paint your own ‘alebrije’….the very typical Mexican art form of painting these small figurines in beautiful colours and which are so loved by Mexicans themselves and make excellent room gifts for clients. The class offered created quite some interest among our clients and we are featuring it again in our April Newsletter for those who perhaps did not see it before and would like to offer it to clients….or even get a group together at the office and take the class yourself!

Coupled with this we are offering a second virtual event of ‘Make your own Mexican taco’. Nothing could be more emblematic of Mexican cuisine than the taco. Mexicans love their tacos and the variety to be found all round the country is incredible. So, why not join us for a fun time learning how to prepare your own taco with a real expert and then sit down and enjoy your ‘little taste of Mexico’.