MARCH 04, 2021

In this issue of our newsletter we would like to showcase the artistry of our artisans, whose skill was portrayed in “Coco”, a beautiful story built around the world-famous “Day of the Dead”, which is celebrated in Mexico in the month of November. Those of you who have seen the film will know that Important characters in this film are the “Alebrijes”.

These beautiful figures carved in wood, mainly in copal, represent imaginative fusions of different animals, resulting in a unique chimera, decorated with strident colors that give this type of art an ideal touch. These animals look like they came out of a dream. In fact their creation is traditionally attributed to a dream that Pedro Linares, a Mexican artist, had while at his own funeral wake; ‘yes’ everyone thought he had died!

The work of an ‘alebrije’ is totally handcrafted with several artisans from the same family participating, resulting in pieces which cannot be replicated. The men are in charge of shaping the wood, while women decorate and paint the intricate designs richly with acrylic paint to give the colorful and distinctive tone to each piece, resulting in no two artisan alebrijes being the same.

In this way, hundreds of different figures are born from their skillful hands; from roosters with bull horns, dogs with cat heads and wings, to gigantic axolotls with dragon tails. Always with cheerful colors, flower or geometric designs, with everything depending on the group of artists who gave birth to it.

Destination Mexico brings the world of Alebrije sculptures to you!

In this online experience you will be creating your very own piece of art and while doing so taking a guided virtual tour of the most famous alebrije workshop in the heart of the city of Oaxaca.

Once you sign up you will receive your package with a wooden carved piece and the necessary materials to perform this activity. Learn the various painting techniques and designs you will use as you put into practice your creativity and as a bonus you will see an actual demonstration of the carving process!

Enjoy this fun activity with your clients, colleagues and family.

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