• Extreme Adventure offers the most activities packed into one fun-filled day of excitement! With 9 thrilling, double-safety wire zip lines, you can ride upside down, right-side up, and fly up to 70 miles per hour on Mexico’s longest and fastest “Superman” zip line.

    Hop into some of the coolest vehicles around, Polaris UTVs for a jungle tour that will test your off-road driving skills on a specially designed, private off-road course. Have a blast on your Polaris as you drop down steep grades, cross rocky river beds and climb up hills. Finish the course as you rocket down a hillside waterslide! Twist and turn as you slide down this intense waterslide before an invigorating splashdown at the bottom!



  • Immerse yourself in the rural agriculture of the farming communities that surround Vallarta. Take part in a hands-on and guided walking tour through a classic Mexican pueblo. Sample the local food and learn to prepare authentic corn tortillas during your visit to a family farm. Next, embark on a nature hike in the Sierra Madre Mountains to uncover the region's flora and fauna hidden under the canopy of the tropical forest.

    Learn how these Mexican families live sustainably, growing and preparing their own foods as they have for centuries. Finish the day with a delectable “al fresco” lunch on a quiet beachside property.



  • Hidden deep in the heart of the tropical rain forest at Las Caletas lies a mystical amphitheater under a starlit sky. Tucked away, this timeworn pyramid stands overgrown by trees and brush from years gone by. A small village surrounds the structure full of people who have lived in harmony with nature for generations. Each night, the spirit world of the ancients comes to life in a theatrical presentation.

    Legend has it there were four civilizations of humanity prior to ours. Each period saw the evolution of the human race as well as its demise. These previous worlds were destroyed by tornadoes, fires and floods, yet rituals and sacrifices have kept the human spirit alive. From the bones and ashes of the ancients comes a celebration of the new Sun and hope for a better world.



  • Discover two of the most beautiful coves in the Bay of Banderas. Cruise past picturesque coastal scenery, where dolphin encounters are common occurrences, to an area accessible only by sea. The Majahuitas cove has the whitest sand beaches and crystal-clear waters making it perfect for snorkeling and kayaking.

    Next, stroll through the charming fishing town of Yelapa and up to a cascading waterfall where you can jump in or sit back and enjoy the view. Whether you hike to the waterfalls, snorkel or bury your toes in the sand, you’ll be struck by the idyllic beauty of these tropical retreats.



  • “Fiesta in the Mountains” is an experience to show the traditions and customs of Jalisco State. The Fiesta is located in the hills behind Old Vallarta and you will enjoy a scenic drive before arriving at the site. The Fiesta lasts 3.5 hours and opens with a colorful fair with traditional games and Mexican Bites including tacos, churros and an open bar. Following that you will Mexicanize yourself with moments of high emotion as you watch a Mexican Rodeo presentation known as “The Charreria” with real Mexican cowboys. “The Charreria” is a real recognized sport including calf roping, bull riding and burro competitions.



  • Discover a charming region south of Vallarta rich in natural beauty, history and heritage. Awaken your senses to the sights, sounds and flavors of authentic Mexico. Tour the famous Botanical Gardens, stroll down the cobblestone roads of El Tuito, see the time-worn petroglyphs and sample artisan breads cooked in an antiquated, hill-side stove as your guide dazzles you with the mythical legends from our pre-Hispanic ancestors. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and round out your day with a unique Tequila tasting and dessert. This is an exclusive experience steeped in culture and tradition.

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