Imagine... an oasis where the Sierra Madre mountains with lush green jungle wrap protectively around charming cobblestone streets and sun-kissed beaches. Imagine...picturesque colonial charm combined with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, sophisticated nightclubs and colorful boutiques. Imagine... Puerto Vallarta!

A study in symmetry, Puerto Vallarta impresses by striking the perfect balance between the old and the new. This venerated port city was virtually unknown to the general vacationing public until director John Huston chose the locale for his film Night of the Iguana with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. As word spread, a burgeoning influx of visitors were seduced by the city's Old Mexico charm. In years since, Puerto Vallarta has become a major vacation destination, with a multitude of travelers every year attesting to its allure. The city has taken great strides to become more cosmopolitan, while preserving its vast cultural and natural treasures. Deep in the Sierra Madre mountains Huichol Indians continue their ancient way of life while at Marietas islands, a UNESCO protected natural reserve, you can spot over 100 species of fish.

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