Baja California, the world’s longest and most majestic peninsula stretches towards the South. It is a magical stretch of land where nature abounds in all its splendor; a peninsula full of history and stories where legend and traditions subtly merge with the vigorous present. The plains and mountains are home to hundreds of different types of cacti that lift their heads towards the blue sky thirsty for a glimpse of the sea. The cactus is undoubtedly the proud king of the flora in this area, contrasting sharply with the abundant water and verdure of the oases.

Each year, from December to March, the impressive giant gray whales reproduce beneath the tranquil and rich waters of these coasts after traveling thousands of kilometers to find the ideal mating ground.

Most of the over two million tourists who visit Baja California Sur each year spend their first time in the Los Cabos (The Capes) region. The wondrous sweeping coast from the old Mexican town of San José del Cabo, to the once small and sleepy fishing village of Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, comprises the breathtaking resort area called Los Cabos. Here the crystal clear azure waters of the Sea of Cortez gently lap on brilliant white sandy beaches.

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