Cancun ends entry form requirement for US visitors

September, 2022

Cancun tourism officials have announced that U.S. citizens — as well as those from Canada and many other countries — no longer have to complete the Forma Migratoria Multiple immigration form to enter Mexico. The form was blamed for delays at immigration, although airport staffing issues have perhaps been more of a painful point.

Regardless of the root causes of airport delays, tourists to Cancun should be delighted about one benefit from the form’s demise: Visitors will no longer have to retain a piece of that pesky immigration card to exit the country. Prior to the change, losing the scrap of paper resulted in a fine and delay in departure.

A New Luxury Resort is set to debut near Tulum this year

September, 2022

Luxury accommodation company Chable Hotels announced that their new venture, Casa Chable, would be open for business by the end of this year. The exclusive resort is set to revamp traditional luxury tourism in the region, combining extravagant rooms and amenities with eco-conscious services. Chable is yet to announce a specific opening date, but it is thought that the hotel will open in late November for the upcoming winter holiday season.

Imagine the explorers’ sense of wonder when they first set eyes on the great walled cities of the Maya so many centuries ago.

4 Blue Flag beaches recertified in Puerto Vallarta

September, 2022

During this week, Palmares, Camarones, Tranquila (in front of the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center) and Oro beaches were rewarded with the Blue Flag certification.

On August 16th, 2022, a commemorative ceremony was held in which representatives of the various sectors and government departments were present. During the event, the blue flags were delivered and set up, which represent that Puerto Vallarta has four competitive beaches at national and international level.

Where to see baby turtles in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

September, 2022

Puerto Vallarta has turtle camps. In each one, it is possible to release turtles in the company of the whole family.

It is impressive to witness the release of a sea turtle hatchling in Puerto Vallarta. It is thrilling to see the movement of this little reptile, taking its first steps while enjoying the beautiful sunset and the crystalline beaches of the Mexican Pacific. It will undoubtedly become an unforgettable moment for the whole family.

Flair airlines launches new Direct flights to Cabo

September, 2022

Canadian airline Flair Airlines is making some significant changes to its travel itineraries for the coming months. Some of these changes include adding more weekly flights to Cabo from three Canadian airports. At the same time, the airline is getting ready to switch its US west coast base from the Burbank airport to LAX. While the switch does not directly impact flights to Cabo made by the airline, as it doesn’t currently offer a Los Angeles flight to Cabo the move to LAX could lead to the creation of such a route.