JANUARy 1, 2018

A Happy New Year to all our clients and friends around the world. We sincerely hope 2018 will bring much success to you all, a relatively uneventful year as far as security, economy and climate issues are concerned and of course a much closer contact between yourselves and this company in terms of business to this beautiful destination! We would just like to say that Destination Mexico is celebrating 30 years in business this year. It is a landmark we are justifiably proud of! These 30 years have not been easy and we have seen several ‘valleys’ amongst the ‘peaks’ of success, but we give grateful thanks to God and to so many who have supported us throughout these years and brought us to where we are now; a well-established, professional, strong company with a reputation for being completely honest and above-board in all our business dealings. We look forward to many more years of co-operation with you and thank you once again for all your trust and confidence in Destination Mexico.

Hilton announced they will add a new Collection by Hilton hotels in Mexico in 2018 – Curio Hotels. The first Curio hotel will open in Guadalajara. Hotel Posada Guadalajara will be under extensive renovation and will join the Curio Collection in 2018. Curio - A Collection by Hilton is a global portfolio of distinctive high-end hotels that give travelers authentic experiences.

The Hotel Posada Guadalajara is located in the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, a world-renowned destination as the capital of Tequila and Mariachi.


JANUARY 1, 2018

Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta offers the perfect paradise to host your next meeting, conference or event boasting luxurious accommodations, forty restaurants and lounges, gorgeous beaches and pools, golf courses, spas and world-class entertainment options. There are 2,465 guest rooms at the resort perfect for accommodating large groups with a minimum booking of 10 rooms required.

The most popular resort hotel at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is the Grand Mayan 4-diamond resort.

Make the most of your vacation time by exploring the breathtaking scenery of Puerto Vallarta from the air.
Air Adventure, Mexico's leader in private aviation, offers chartered aircrafts. Air Adventure proudly boasts an immaculate safety record built on over nearly 20 years of flying and is considered one of Mexico´s top charter flight operators.
These tours will take you high above the jungle canopy to see the extraordinary landscapes of Mexico like you've never seen them before. Explore scenic wonders you never knew existed - save hours on a cramped bus ride and spend it soaring above the sights instead!

Los Cabos will make you remember the best moments of your childhood: no work, no worries school and all day on the playground running, jumping and swinging from a gondola 300 feet above the ground in the biggest swing you`ve ever seen. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive activities of your life! The Sling Swinger is a must-do while at Wild Canyon. This Ride, even Though it involves a great amount of adrenaline, is very smooth, exhilarating and can be done solo or with companion. Upon your arrival at the park, we`ll provide you with the proper equipment and detailed instructions to your activity. Then, you will take a cable car to the center of the canyon, where you`ll transfer to the gondola.
Once inside the gondola, the feeling changes- with its tempered glass bottom, you´ll feel like you´re suspended in the air 300 feet above the canyon. And then comes the moment when we connect you to the bar of the swing and release you. You´ll free fall and then start swinging in a pendulum of a 240-foot radius at 140km/hour. The wind on your face, the intense feeling of falling and it´s all just half the fun. Just wait until you start swinging back and you get to live the experience all over again… but backwards! You will never forget the feeling of freedom that you will feel through the canyon.

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