MAY 7, 2020


Embracing the green mountains you will find Talpa de Allende, a village of cobbled streets and multicolored casonas with tile roofs. In the evenings, you will hear a concert of crickets while the orange lights of lanterns illuminate the pines and bougainvillea. You will be able to experience the immeasurable faith of the town toward the pale virgin that protects the scented streets with a smell of chilte.

Talpa is a popular town to visit because it offers so much rich history and immersive culture while escaping the busy city. There are also incredible mountain views and plenty of opportunities to try delicious food. 


The unfinished Temple of the Precious Blood (Templo de la Preciosa Sangre) from the XIX Century Mascota, a magical town in Jalisco.

When you visit Puerto Vallarta you may want to enjoy a trip back in time, a cooler climate, a small colonial town in the Sierra; if that's the case, Mascota is a great option. The name itself is not from the Spanish language (where it would be translated as "pet"), rather from Teco, "Amaxacotlán Mazacotla", that means, the place of deer and snakes.

During the Spanish conquest it was called The Valley of Deer. The original population, the one's in charge of the current name, were Teco indians.
The municipality of Mascota is located in the plateau of the Western Sierra Madre mountain chain, the municipality includes 40 small towns, among those Mascota is the largest and is also the seat of the local municipal government.
Mascota is a region of beautiful panoramas with valleys, mountains, forests and rivers. The local people are kind, happy and very proud of their history. So if you happen to be in Puerto Vallarta and would like to see some of the surrounding countryside, Mascota is a great option!

Both these small but very pretty villages can be visited in a day from Puerto Vallarta. Destination Mexico recommends the excursion as an optional visit and also recommends the group be reduced, as it includes good roads but some mountain driving and is a full-day excursion. For those who would like to see something very typical of Mexico and be taken back in time, this excursion is certainly a ‘must’ and definitely adds something very different to any programme in Puerto Vallarta.