August, 2022

Sayulitas is a beautiful small town close to Punta Mita on the Riviera Nayarit. One of its most charming features is Los Muertos Beach, a small cove protected from the big waves that have made this destination a renowned surf mecca.

To reach this Riviera Nayarit magical place from Sayulita’s main square, head toward the shore, and once there, turn left and continue walking. Soon you will see a collection of boats on the sand, many available for sport fishing, water activities or visiting specific points on the bay. Next, you will come to Villa Amor, a high-end hotel with free access that leads to the charming local cemetery. It stretches along a hillside, with tropical trees growing among the tombs, which are decorated in Mexico’s beautiful traditional fashion. You may want to stop and take a moment as you pass through respectfully. Once across it, you will encounter the finest beach in Sayulita.

Characterized as hippie-chic, Sayulita is a quaint, peaceful village whose cobblestone streets and modest homes emit a cosmopolitan atmosphere, ideal for rest and relaxation.

Unique in the bay, this ambiance makes Los Muertos Beach an enchanting place to explore. Its natural elements combine to create a small paradise nestled between two outcroppings of marine rocks. These hills are easy to access, and if you choose to climb them, you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the village on one side and the green mountains on the other.

Unlike other beaches in Sayulita, which are renowned for their surfing conditions, the tranquil waters of Los Muertos Beach provide a different and revitalizing experience derived from simply enjoying the natural surroundings. There is plenty of space for families to have a good time, while couples will find it romantic and uncrowded.

For most of the morning, the lush vegetation that cascades down the hillside provides shade for almost the entire beach. If you are a yoga enthusiast, this magnificent natural setting is perfect for practice!

Although the walk from the square takes no more than 20 minutes at a leisurely pace, we recommend you be prepared with everything you consider necessary for an extraordinary beach day, as only a couple of stalls, offering fruit and light snacks, are located in this isolated area.

You can also get there by car, but you could miss a lot of the fun and adventure along the way. If you do not want to walk, consider renting a bicycle to experience the surroundings in a different way.

The morbid name of this beach, which translates to “the dead,” contrasts with how beautiful and full of life it is. This is one of the great paradoxes of Sayulita, a town you will want to explore during your stay in our paradisiacal destination.

Reference: Vallarta Life Styles