JANUARY 11, 2020

Firstly a Very Happy New Year to all our clients and friends around the world. Given the strange circumstances of Christmas and New Year this time around, we very much hope that you and your loved ones are well at this time and looking forward to what we all certainly hope will be a very different and much better 2021 as far as the travel industry is concerned.

Well, the good news is Destination Mexico is still ‘alive and kicking’. Of course we suffered considerably during 2020 and wondered if we would ever be able to survive the year, but survive it we have done and without losing any staff members, which is wonderful news as far as we are concerned. Many of you will already know what a dedicated and professional team we have here at the Company and we are so glad we have been able to keep them on.

But now we must look forward to 2021….and we can look forward with much more optimism, because clients have begun again to request our services and we have several projects on the horizon which give us tremendous hope for this year. This plus the fact that Mexico as a destination has put into place long-term plans to bring back visitors to this country which we are sure will reap great benefits in the future. We have featured two of these plans in our accompanying Newsletter, so you can see what the future holds for two of our most important destinations of Cancun and Los Cabos.

An obvious question from clients will be concerning the protocols to be followed to combat COVID-19, plus the campaign of vaccinations throughout the country. As we have commented on many occasions Destination Mexico and all our suppliers have put into place rigid protocols which will be followed in order to combat the virus and if you wish to have a copy of our protocol, don’t hesitate to contact us at: and we will send it along immediately.

As far as the vaccination campaign is concerned, Mexico is pressing ahead as quickly as circumstances allow to get the first round of vaccinations completed as soon as possible. And here at Destination Mexico we will be doing all we can too to have our staff and suppliers vaccinated as soon as possible. However, as you will read in the articles in the Newsletter, local policies to ensure the safety of visitors are also in place and will be rigorously followed.

So, in a nutshell, Mexico is ready! And let us remind you all once again that this destination is something special and has so much to offer to clients in the way of extraordinary experiences! ….and if you have never tried out the services of Destination Mexico, well we invite you to go ahead and see for yourselves why we have such a tremendous reputation and why so many clients have gone home thoroughly satisfied and happy with our top-class services.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you very soon!