AUGUST 6, 2018

At Destination Mexico we are always looking for new ways to bring this wonderful destination into the thinking of our clients for future programs. In the next few Newsletters we are including a short blog on the different ‘Flavors and Cuisine’ of our destinations. We hope these blogs will help stimulate not only your enthusiasm for Mexico as a destination for your groups, but your palates also!

Los Cabos has everything to conquer your appetite. If you are a foodie, you will enjoy a culinary journey while discovering the incredible gastronomy of Los Cabos turning your vacation experience into an explosion of mouthwatering flavors and incredible aromas. You will have the opportunity to savor everything from typical Mexican fare, like delicious sopes, quesos fundidos (cheese fondue), mole poblano and seafood delicacies.

Shrimp and fish tacos are the traditional cuisine of Cabo San Lucas prepared with fresh catch and seafood from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Small pieces of shrimp and battered fish are placed on a corn tortilla with tasty coleslaw, salsa, and veggies for some extra flavors. Since Marlin is the most common fish that you will encounter in this area, you will come across a variety of dishes prepared in different ways. Most of the time you will find it shredded and smoked. It is delicious served with cheese and veggies on a corn tortilla.

'Guemes Tamales' is considered to be a tradition all throughout the Baja Peninsula, prepared with pork, chicken, raisins, olive oil and olives. 'Tamales Fajados' are another scrumptious traditional dish prepared with delicious seasoning, stewed chicken, and corn dough prior to being wrapped in a corn husk.

Other exquisite dishes are prepared with lobster, abalone and shrimp. The local cuisine mixes a great variety of flavors, which can be appreciated in the 'Machaca de Pescado' (a dish prepared with pounded fish and seasoned with chili and other native spices), 'Jaibas Rellenas' (stuffed crab), and 'Chilorio de Abulon o Calamar', (a dish made from abalone or squid, seasoned with garlic, oregano, cumin, coriander seeds, salt and pepper.

Among the culinary delicacies that you can find in Los Cabos are the flavorsome 'Almejas Chocolatas Tatemadas' clams roasted on a stone bed and covered with rosemary that adds a unique flavor to the clams.

The most popular desserts are prepared with the pulp of fruit, such as 'Ates' (fruit jelly candies) or fruit in syrup. Pitahaya, or dragon fruit is the traditional miracles treat. There is ample pitahaya because of the unique climate and flora of the area. This is actually a cactus fruit which grows in the desert regions. It is used for making jellied candies, jams, crystallized pitahayas, and marzipan.

As per the tradition of Cabo San Lucas, the meal should be accompanied by clamato. This is a drink which is made from clam and tomato juice.

Discover more about this incredible destination through its regional dishes in which seafood features prominently. Dare to explore Los Cabos and open up to the possibilities of this enchanting corner of Mexico.